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Time for a bedroom tour in my new home! Welcome into my room! I never feel like my room is complete but many of you have requested to see it, so here it is! A bedroom tour to me is not just about the pretty furniture or interior of a space, it’s about the person living in it and how we use it. Maybe some of the bedroom decorating ideas that i’ve been using will help give you some ideas in making over your room! I hope you enjoy today’s video and comment below what color paint I should go for. I want to makeover the room a little bit more with a different color. Should I use a simple white or light gray? Let me know!

Ann Le / Anneorshine

Urban Outfitters Clothing Rack:
Rug / Chair / Mirror : Homegoods
Dresser: IKEA
End table : Modern Furniture
Copper Planter:

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44 thoughts on “Bedroom Tour in My New Home 2017 🏡 | ANN LE

  1. I want this wall color…have teal blue and yellow in different rooms and now I want simple elegant off white and white.

  2. i was worried id picked the wrong paint colour for my room after realizing i liked a certain style of decorating but youve given me hope because yur rooom is gorgeous and the colour i picked!!

  3. Hi Ann! Love your videos! Where did you get your vase? The one with the tropical leaves? Thank you so much in advance! I looked through all of the comments and it appears that no one has asked 🙂

  4. shiny luster a shade of grey it will really look good in your room because you're going for a grey, white-ish tone

  5. I am looking for white curtains for the windows throughout my home. I absolutely love the color and texture of the ones in this video! Where are they from?

  6. Hello! I am about to redo my room and was wondering where you got your dresser from. I love the minimal look by the way 🙂

  7. LOL I thought I was being so original today I bought a round mirror I got that same pineapple in rose gold from home goods I was thinking about throwing some plants on my vanity particularly a couple split leaf plans like the ones you have and this my first time ever seeing this video lol guess great minds think alike lol ps your room is fabulous

  8. At first I thought pink like the color sweater that you have on in the video. But on second thought I was thinking a royal/ dark blue. It would roughen up the room a bit to where it's not leaning to much on the feminine side and it would pair well with the area rug you have. It would look so good in there. I would just paint an accent wall behind the bed wall. Best wishes

  9. I personally love the wall colour in your house. I don't know, maybe because mine is of the same colour palette as yours so I'm a bit biased? 😄

  10. nice room. how do you feel about a pale sage green on the walls? you mentioned that you do not like the green undertones in the carpet; perhaps green walls would help.

  11. Sherwin Williams – Elder White. It's a gorgeous gray/taupe/white color. Very fresh but more interesting than plain white. I painted my whole apartment this color and it brightens it up so much!

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