Combat Tournament created by Ongokiller50 (Headphone warning)

Stick Fight game on Newgrounds. Play it.

Props to Ongo for making such a entertaining and hilarious game. 😀 “YO MAH BISH NAO!” I can’t get enough of this game. Can’t wait for the sequal. YEAH MULTIPLAYER FTW! I hope a second attack button gets added so combos don’t feel so repeatitive. There still a lot to be fixed in this game. I give it 6.7/10

NOTE: I recorded with Hypercam and causes my computer to lag. The real game play can be twice as fast as what is shown this video depending on your computer.

Game created by Ongokiller50 (Dennes TeJada)

Song: “Show No Tears” – NemesisTheory

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26 thoughts on “Combat Tournament created by Ongokiller50 (Headphone warning)

  1. The green one is Homerunbat,The red one is Mr.Slapstick and the yellow one is Double Range.(Only for those who don't know) 😉

  2. I will send a video to my channel of a debate. People Who do you want to vote for the best fighting game. 1st round : COMBAT TOURNAMENT/COMBAT TOURNAMENT LEGENDS VS COMBO FACTORY. NOW DEBATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i dunno if this is a bug but i found something interesting with Combat Tournament : Legends .. so just in case if its a bug im telling you .. Hold spacebar while doing ninjas special .. He starts floating in air ..

  4. It's too easy to make that move's that move's are like just give you chance's but those move's are still cool!

  5. This game is IN-FUCKING-TENSE! Probably the best flash game I've ever played! Dude, IT IS SICK! It's just combo after fucking combo. I love this game, I can play for fucking hours.

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