GORGEOUS Kendra Scott Office Tour- Austin, TX

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Hi Friends! I hope you enjoy this video. I couldn’t be more proud to partner with Kendra Scott for their Ambassador Program this year. The brand aligns with so many of my values as a mother, woman and brand owner myself. Kendra’s story is nothing short of incredibly inspirational. I am inspired by her entrepreneurial spirit, and her heart to give back and “do good” in everything she has built this brand to be.

I hope you enjoy this tour of the Kendra Scott home office in Austin, TX. It was such a fun project to work on with them and with my incredibly talented videographer Andre

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USE CODE : LISAJ for 20% OFF your online purchase at
Exclusions are Fine Jewelry and Sale Items.
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48 thoughts on “GORGEOUS Kendra Scott Office Tour- Austin, TX

  1. The White world meets the white office. It's a instagramable world. Single pattern allowed. The audio sucks and the camera work match.

  2. Hi Lisa! Are those Danielle’s you’re wearing the ivory mother of pearl? The link brings me to black by default!!

  3. Wooow what a beautiful entrance white & gold impressive💕 gorgeous office ohh I really loveeee it💖 simply breathtaking ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️success with

  4. The kind of future CEO I want to be. Awesome video! & I LOVE the turquoise room (my favorite color!).

  5. I really enjoyed this video and so I just bought my first piece from her website. It came and had a Made in China tag. I was very disappointed with that after seeing this. I won’t be purchasing anything else for that price point that is just made in China. Bummed.

  6. What I don't like about these office tours is that no one (except colorpop) showed the actual working departments. Finance,web and marketing and stuff like that. I was watching these to see what are the differences in departments of a beauty office, jewellery brand office or an app office bla bla. What the actual heck. I am at thw wrong place.
    They did show the design process.

  7. Hi Lisa, I'm just catching up on your videos from being away on vacation. This was great! Wow, what a beautiful office and everything that she has created. I really enjoyed this. Very inspirational! Thank you for taking us on the tour.

  8. I love all my KS jewelry & her headquarters are incredibly beautiful. I ♥️ that she has created such a beautiful environment for her employees, that she has a giving heart to others & is so family oriented. My 3 children will get together & buy me a set (necklace, earrings & bracelet) for Xmas, Birthday or Mother’s Day. I also have purchased gifts from KS for my 2 daughters. This last Mother’s Day I got the same bracelets for the 3 of us (my girls are such wonderful Mothers). I loved this video, your dress & your graciousness. Congratulations on becoming an Ambassador for them.

  9. Awesome, Lisa. Great job! Loved the tour, and the ideas Kendra Scott puts into her offices are amazing.

  10. Wow, it was as if I was on the tour with you! Lisa, thank you so much for your time and efforts in arranging this tour.

  11. What an amazing place to work! It is only a dream to be able to get nails done, smoothie , and an exercise room and more all where you work! It’s really nice to know how caring people can be for people they are working with!! Great tour! 😍

  12. I started watching this days ago on my phone while headed to work . I finally was able to watch this stunning video In its entirety on my I pad this morning . You did such a beautiful job interviewing throughout this gracious tour . I loved everything about this from the music to presentation of the most stunning workplace that one could imagine . Congrats to you Lisa on all your success, it is truly deserved ! Pam 🌞 ps. You looked STUNNING !

  13. Thank you so much for bringing us into the Kendra Scott offices! What a beautiful, welcoming environment!

  14. All they need are rooms to sleep in and you'd never have to leave! lol This was awesome, thanks so much for sharing this. It's nice knowing all this about Kendra Scott, since I love her jewelry and been buying it for some time. Next time I'm in Austin I want to stop by. (I'm in Houston). Thanks Lisa! 🙂

  15. The mustard dress is so pretty. And the tour person's dress is a wonderful style as well. Interesting tour. I love it. Now I know more about Kendra Scott. I want to move to Austin

  16. Hey Lisa :-)) What a beautiful place, they sure look after there staff. I think i will contact the company i work for and let them know we want that hee hee. oxoxox

  17. Hi, This was a wonderful tour and a great idea to film a video for us viewers. I love KS jewelry. Thanks. 💕💕

  18. This is great insight into this brand. What an amazing place to work! This makes me want more Kendra Scott pieces! Thank you for doing this great video.

  19. Wow !!! What a dream to work in such a gorgeous space!!!! I can see why you were so taken with the beauty of the offices!!!! I mean a nail bar!!!!! So awesome!

  20. Your dress is stunning, well you are, but that dress is beautiful. Kendra Scott’s jewelry and office is outstanding…luxury, something you would dream of having. I’m proud for you. I see how much her jewelry means to you!
    Thank you so much for taking us to Kenda Scott’s office building WoW.

  21. SUCH a nice tour wow! Huge congrats on your channel success, so beautifully done! Have a wonderful day Lisa! Blessings! 🤓❤

  22. Loved this Lisa. The building is stunning. I have never been a big jewelry person but this really inspires me because just the small amount we got to see is absolutely stunning. Can't wait to see more of the fall collection and actually buy and wear some.

  23. Honestly, at first I thought, who wants to see an office? I work in an office everyday, not very exciting. Well, was I wrong!!! I want to apply to work there!! How lovely. Thank you for doing this. Now I want to see all the offices of the various cosmetic lines!!

  24. I love Kendra Scott jewelry. So well made and classic! If I were young and single, I would want to move to Austin and work there!

  25. What earrings do you have on here Lisa? I have a few pair that look like that, but aren’t as big. I love them! What is the name of them please?

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