Morning Yoga Class Part -1|Beginner|Master Praveen

Dear Friends,
Finally I am pleased to announce that after my so much work on my yoga app, final its live now to download on any androied phone. this is very useful application for all the yoga lovers. I tried to design some category and concept for all kind of level. there are so many small small things we usually avoid during our practice so I tried to explain all these technique, alignment, adjustment, modification, variation, option, contraindication, and breathing technique.

Price is very genuine in India and other country, I will welcome to your all feedback. please support me blessing me as you always do. I am attaching that link by which you can download this app. Even on website link. You can use both.

thank you very much
Love and Regards
Master. Praveen Kumar Verma


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50 thoughts on “Morning Yoga Class Part -1|Beginner|Master Praveen

  1. Hai praveen br after long time nim vd nodtiradu an yoga madtiradu…super brother …🙏🙏🙏

  2. J aime votre facon de deriger la classe et votre choix d exercises je suis devenue fan de vos seances que je refais quotidiennement chez moi merci et un grand bravo

  3. O my god your yoga class are amazing feel great about my self since I working with you stay bless my dear

  4. I'm finding a tutor for my girl but Damn, No female tutor in our country (india) ? This ain't good idea to see getting touch someone wife /girlfriend by male tutor. Honestly. 😞

  5. hii praveenji can u suggest me weight gain and height grow yoga after 28 age pls i believe tht it will grow

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