NEW Home Office Tour # Skypod | Kryz Uy

I know you guys are patiently waiting for the COMPLETE #Skypod House tour video (and it’s coming along, don’t worry – it will be up sooner than you think!)

(side note: I’m so sorry for the weird audio! We were testing out a new microphone and it seems like it’s not working right – the next videos will have better audio, I promise!)

For now, let me give you a quick tour of my newly finished home office – where you can find me after usual work hours, either typing away, replying to emails or tucked in with my blanket and taking my afternoon nap in between shoots (yes, this pregnant woman needs her nap!)

My best friend, Gillian Uang, who also happened to be one of the best interior designers I know, did such an AMAZING job in beautifying this place. She was very particular with every detail that went into each space. I didn’t even have to buy a lot of new decor because she made use of the ones I already had. #extrasulit

Most of the furniture are from Mandaue Foam, walls are painted with Island Paints: and my wall calendar is from Decal Bar Manila

Let me know which part of this office you like best! Enjoy the tour!


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33 thoughts on “NEW Home Office Tour # Skypod | Kryz Uy

  1. So happy this video is finally up!!! Sorry for the weird audio (it was raining and we tried to use a new mic, but failed!!!) hope you still enjoyed the video though!!! Skypod tour next!

  2. Super nice… so ibog! #homeofficegoals jud ❤️Kaso wala na apil ang lamp lage? hahahaa Where was it bought? 🥰

  3. This is SO BEAUTIFUL 😍 Your office gives off such an inspiring, chic, modern, warm, and sophisticated feel. 😍💕☺️

  4. a wall mounted leaf plant on your white plastered brick design wall. it will be a great accent❤❤

  5. I love everything about your home office Ms Kryz! Those colors are my favourites. Simple yet elegant and captivating!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  6. So niceeeee. Wanna have something like this. You rlly inspire a lot of ppl kryz. Gosh. Dream home office.

  7. Can someone help me with the names of the furniture from mandaue foam? I need everything for my office 😅😭😭

  8. Looks great! Just wondering how (or if) you use those top drawers? :p I would hang some strings of little gold stars behind the desk all over the wall, just dangling down, maybe different lengths of strings and different sizes of stars. Especially nice for the Christmas season now 🙂

  9. What a classy and cool office space 😍😍😍 btw kryz hope you want to consider using a lapel 💕

  10. pahelp po guys… im just new in vlogging. pls help me by subscribing to my channel… salamat po

  11. omg the design is similar to the original design of mr.kate when he did liza koshy’s office!!!!! right????? the placement is just the difference and color palate

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