The Best Game Of Tennis Ever? | Australian Open 2012

In tennis you can go for games without seeing something truly outstanding. When Andy Murray took on Michael Llodra they produced four of the best points you’ll ever see in the course of a single game. Enjoy! Subscribe:

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Australian Open 2016 from 19 January – 1 February 2016.

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25 thoughts on “The Best Game Of Tennis Ever? | Australian Open 2012


    කුඩා ජීඑස්වී එකක් ගොඩනඟාසංචාරය කරනනිවාස සඳහා සත්කාරකත්වය සපයයි


    ඔහු සිතියම එළියට ගෙන එය ලෝක සිතියමකින් විවෘත කළේය ඔහු සූවස් සහ පැනමාවගිබ්‍රෝල්ටාර් සහ ඩාර්ඩනෙල්ස් වැනි ස්ථාන වටා රතු තීන්ත රවුම් ඇඳ ඇත

  3. Llodra was good for exhibition not so much for competition. Don't get me wrong, he was an excellent player but I don't understand why he did not produce that type of tennis to win matches or titles?

  4. The French are immensely talented but they enjoy life way too much. Even Suzanne Lenglen used to drink whisky at the changeovers. Maybe in tennis the Frenchies should try to come to the net a bit more often. They´d be very successful at it. La France au filet, c´est mieux que la France prise dans le filet.

  5. Para mi fueron mejores al menos estos 2 q recuerdo: Dustin Brown a Nadal año 2015, las fantasias q hizo el negro ese dia fueron de otro planeta….Y el que Agassi remonta un 0-2 ante James Blake en US Open 2005

  6. Sorry to say but I don't like cricket…I am the only one in my family who don't like it….but I love tennis and F1 ( used watch a lot, don't watch these days but those were days)…I tried so hard but just don't like it, I don't hate but…:)

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