The ONLY REWORKED Volibear Guide You'll EVER NEED – League of Legends Season 10

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The ONLY REWORKED Volibear Guide You’ll EVER NEED

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0:00 Intro
0:24 QOTD
0:44 Disclaimer
1:00 Intro Continued
1:16 Strengths and Weaknesses
1:39 Abilities and combos
8:27 Builds
8:33 Jungle builds
9:38 Top lane build
9:59 Early game
10:05 Jungle
11:44 Top lane
12:23 Mid and late game
12:29 Top Lane
12:42 Jungle
13:34 Outro

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25 thoughts on “The ONLY REWORKED Volibear Guide You'll EVER NEED – League of Legends Season 10

  1. QOTD: You can use tp on Tresh Lantern, Annie bear (Tibbers), Zac bulbs, Malzahar minions, and other things that I havent seen.

  2. I would dive but you see I have this thing when my team is too scared to follow up even if they get SIX WHOLE SECONDS of safety from Tower shots

  3. QOTD: use Pyke grey health passive as if it were duskblade passive. if you walk in a bush and you´re unseen, you´ll start regening off your grey health. if you don´t, chances are that bush is warded (or there is a stealthed champ in there haha)

  4. what do you mean volatile jungle clear, its so fast that u can sneak 4 camps for first clear and will still be around 240

  5. QOTD: With Sett, you don’t want to take damage. Sett wins most trades w/melee vs melee so the enemy jungled will usually gank top. Only use W and spam skills IF you know that the enemy jungler is at bot/bot river/bot jungles.

  6. I think for jungle runes Waterwalking is better than Celerity as it gives MS as well as that extra damage that you need during objectives or any fights in the river.

  7. QOTD: If you have GA ready on Aatrox and are about to die, if you time the cast of your ult right you won´t lose it´s steroid during the revive. That means that the revive-healing of GA gets increased by Aatrox´ Ult!
    Here a more precise insight on how to make it work:

    EDIT: I just made an updated video on that mechanic and wrote in the descriptions on how it´s done. It does still work, but it is hard and very rarely to execute. Here the link to the updated vid

  8. QOTD: you can auto a few times before going into stealth with twitches q, this will lead to more damage can help in surprise all ins

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  10. Qotd – If you play Swain roaming near where an enemy died will give you a soul stack even if you didn't contribute to the fight. All enemy deaths provide a soul fragment regardless of whether Swain got an assist.

    Playing Lissandra of you click on an enemy champion with your ult whilst your e is in travel time it will cast instantly after you blink provided you are in range speeding up your combo.

  11. QOTD: As amumu there is a trick when taking red buff early where to toggle your W next to raptors and the walk to red buff, as you take the buff the raptors will be affected by hunters talisman and your W damage and will path from the camp up to the buff essentially restoring all your health meaning you finish red buff on full health

  12. Volibear doesnt get low at all if he has mana. I have 0 idea where you guys are getting this "he has a bad first clear" shit

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