The ONLY Sett Guide You'll EVER NEED – League of Legends Season 10

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Welcome to the only Sett guide you’ll ever need! Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, it won’t matter because you’ll learn something new by the end!

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24 thoughts on “The ONLY Sett Guide You'll EVER NEED – League of Legends Season 10

  1. Also we did receive some inside information that the loot item called "sett's calling card" will give you the new champion for free. However, just keep in mind that this is only a leak and might not be true.

  2. Rush botrk
    Take predator and nimbous cloak (jg)
    Max W on lane when u play vs tank
    Good pick on mid when enemy taka squishy mage without dash.
    Good pick on support (take hexflash)

  3. There is another guide of Sett, that explains anything.
    The Entire JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series.

  4. i play sett in jng and i think that is a good jng but the problem is that when im fighting or doing some objectives and my laners wants me to gank i arrive there slowly and with abilities in coldown so i can't do a good gank, is there any rune to give me a bit more of speed or cd?

  5. "easy to gank" I don't know man, I've played sett, and most of the ganks on me are just free double kills if you play it right.

  6. God this guy talks way too fast. Very annoying. Decent guide but I had to go back like 10 times on each suggestion to get what the guy was saying

  7. You don't have any idea how to play Me! Did you ever heard how to "MUDAMUDAMUDA"? Did you ever thrown a roadroller at someone? I'm not a tank who sometimes punches.
    And ALWAYS build Berserker boots, and Witz End.
    Go Lethal tempo over Conqueror. You go punchrush, and not using W, ONLY if there's no other way. Finishing off enemies, or save your ass. If you gank get close to enemies first. (Get them to overextend.) Then run on them with Q. You can pull back enemies with E, use that. You have to rush Berserker in jg. You can help dives, so if a low health enemy is under tower, and refuses to recall, then plan on diving him with the laner. I suggest using this tactic when you have boots, full jg item(Chilling smite+warrior is useful in ganks, Challenger smite if enemy jg invades you too rapidly), Tanky part of Trinity, and at least level.6. Start with hunters machete. You need no help, so you won't leash your team. Altough if they help, accept it. You can farm without recalling for a long time. For jg route i suggest (Q)Red -> (W)Wolves -> Blue -> (E)Gromp -> Gank a sidelane if possible -> Scuttlecrab You usually have level 3 at 2:50–3:00, and you can pull out an easy early gank right before scuttlecrab spawns. If you encounter the enemy jg at scuttlecrab, you can most likely fight them. Use E and stun them with scuttlecrab.

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