Tour of Ann's Garden in Westlake Hills Texas!

I hope you will enjoy this little 8 minute tour of a garden that I completed in 2011. It is dedicated to my beloved wife, Ann, who suffered a severe stroke in July, 2009. She is living at home and can visit her garden each day. It is uplifting! Not only can one intake the fragrances, but also the birds come to the feeders, and stereo music encompasses this garden. It is hard to believe that such a garden can be built and survive in Central Texas!
All roses are in pots. Soil is critical. We purchased it from The Natural Gardener, We love Rosemania on the Internet, and they have just about everything you would need to grow roses. Yes, they have to be sprayed! Fertilizer is pretty simple. We use an 8 month slow release Osmocote fertilizer with the addition of Ironite which has trace elements. Some roses have been growing in these pots for more than 25 years! Our tallest rose is “Firefighter” which has grown to 9 feet tall this year. Thanks to my friend, Santos Sanchez who did a huge amount of the building from my designs.
To Ann, you darling, I hope you will continue to enjoy your garden each day. That is all we have, day by day.


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23 thoughts on “Tour of Ann's Garden in Westlake Hills Texas!

  1. Bravo! Il vostro piccolo giardino è magnifico. Bellissima la collezione di rose. Anche la quinta di alberi conferisce al tutto un' atmosfera particolare. Inoltre, la statua con la fontana conferisce al giardino qualche cosa di piacevolmente italiano. Complimenti di nuovo! Cari saluti dall' Italia. Ciao!

  2. 💕💕💕wow very beautiful all your roses ..i love roses very wonderful garden…good job your wife..

  3. What a therapeutic garden you've created. I can't believe you can grow Firefighter to be so huge and tall in a pot, It is surely inspiring.

  4. Stunningly beautiful! You grow some fantastic roses and plants. May it bring Ann a big smile everyday and you as well.

    Stan The Rose Man

  5. So beautiful. Wishing your wife a speedy recovery.

    How do you keep them healthy in pots? Mine seem to die off after an year or two.

  6. Mac, Thank you for sharing this on YouTube! Randy and I are in awe of this fabulous Garden and we truly enjoyed this gift! Beautifully done. Wishing you and Ann all the best! Fondly, Nan Parker

  7. Wow- I think you've converted me from a veggie grower to a Rose fanatic.
    Absolute peak of perfection! It is amazing how such an arid area can produce such beautiful flora and is just packed with wildlife. Congrats on an tremendous garden. (PS: the music track is delightful)

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