Yokozuna Hakuho vs Yokozuna Kakuryu – Outdoor Sumo

Hakuho vs Kakuryu at Outdoor Sumo at Yasukuni Shrine. Hakuho has been a Yokozuna (sumo champion) since 2007 and Kakuryu since 2014.

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42 thoughts on “Yokozuna Hakuho vs Yokozuna Kakuryu – Outdoor Sumo

  1. Demn their lower body strength must be very high to be able to balance themselves while being pushed and being able to push others with that weight lol.

  2. I have just discovered that I love sumo! I'm watching a lot of videos, and I can even recognize some rikishi… This may sound dumb, but in Brazil it is not common. I recognize Kaisei Ichiro in this video, behind Hakuho. I'm sad because I'll never be able to be a rikishi

  3. It's like watching two hairless pandas wrestling…

    No offense to any sumo wrestlers out there…

  4. Sumo is exactly like hinomaru sumo, exciting irl too. Unlike Haikyuu where irl volleyball is too fast to enjoy.

  5. try to visualize this like it's boxing or MMA. The fighter gets pushed out of the ring then starts arguing with the ref for 5 mins, ring corner jumps in and starts screaming that the ref doesn't know shit about sumo until security spend the next 10 mins breaking both corners up

  6. I was reading Sumotori from Gial Tsukiyama and im really amazed with Sumo. Years of training and learning different techniques for an ultimate showdown that lasts a couple of seconds. This is amazing. Congratulations to both Yokuzuna

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